Being involved in the South to cook at SUD.

The materials that are the lifeblood of our land, on the market and in the market. The tradition that has nourished and contemporaneity that overwhelms us. The side way of the history of the southern table, seen from a perspective that respects the canon, but agrees to violate it in order to obtain unusual colors. Contingencies.

Ingredients that are usual and forgotten, tools of expression that are made up of details; sudden waste; predictable alternatives; unexploded questions. The cuisine of SUD.

our menu proposals

for complete tables and same for all diners

Tasting Menu

(composed by the Chef or by the customer and same for all diners)

two starters

first course

second course


euro 60

with wines pairing euro 90


(Marianna Vitale Sud Story):

the ultimate tasting menu experience at Sud

(seven courses according to Marianna)

euro 80

with wines pairing euro 125

Daily Menu

(starter, first course, second course and dessert

according to Marianna)

euro 50

with wines pairing euro 75

Vurria Che Chiuvesse Maccarune

(5 pasta courses according to Marianna)

euro 50

with wines pairing 75

for tables with more than 10 people then you must follow a tasting menu according to the Chef’s selection



Sea soup with seasonal vegetables and fruits

euro 20

Aromatic salad with red shrimps and yogurt

euro 18

Salt cod cheese-cake, scented with fennel, with chickpeas, tomato confit, and lemon peel

euro 20

Irpinia veal tartar, escarole and bottarga

euro 18

Crab soup with yellow tomato, leek, greaves and ricotta cheese

euro 20

First courses

Spaghetti with sea anemones

euro 18

Spaghetti with dried fruit, anchovies from Sciacca (Sicily), ginger flavored honey and cytrus

euro 18

Fisherman Risotto in the “Calabrian way”

euro 20

Paccheri with bottarga and crispy lentils

euro 18

Linguine pasta with fifth quarter of squid

euro 18

Mixed pasta with cauliflower, sea snails and truffle

euro 20

Second courses

“The Big Fry”

euro 26

Salt cod with seaweed and beans

euro 22

Fried mackarel with fennel and eggplant “caponata”

euro 20

Irpinia pork fillet with tomato cream, Agerola “fior di latte” cheese, origan flavored crunchy bread

euro 20

Catch of the day

euro 20


Milk chocolate hemisphere, peanuts brownie and ginger icing pineapple, pepper and lemongrass

euro 12

“Come un babà alla panna”
Coffee pie, star anise flavored sour cream, hazelnuts ice-cream and artichoke icing

euro 12

Citrus fruits, pistachio, and white chocolate

euro 12

Hot meringue tart with 70% dark chocolate and orange marmalade

euro 12

“La vie en rose”
Chocolate, raspberries and roses

euro 12

Orange cream, spicy ‘annurca’ apple and Piedirosso wine reduction

euro 12